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Why Choose Pune for C-DAC Courses

About Pune
Pune, a metropolitan city in India, is best known today as an IT hub. The Rajiv Gandhi IT Park, the Magarpatta IT Park and other IT parks in Pune all facilitate the IT industry. The Rajiv Gandhi IT Park occupies a mind boggling 2800 acres of land and is being developed in phases. Almost all the major IT companies have their presence in Pune. Infosys, the country’s leading IT company, started its operations from Pune. Pune ranks in the first three cities of India that has the largest number of IT companies.
Another salient aspect of Pune is its student population. Known as the ‘Oxford of East’, Pune has the largest number of students and educational institutes in India. The symbiosis of fresh talent and presence of IT companies augurs well for the future of Pune and future prospects of job seekers as well.  Pune also is host to many national and international industries of repute. Since there is enough space for the city to expand, there is no dearth of accommodation in Pune. Pune is about 560 m from mean sea level, and the climate is cool and pleasant for most of the year.

About C-DAC
C-DAC is India’s leading educational institute that imparts quality IT training. C-DAC was established in Pune to build the country’s first super computer. The institute later grew prolifically, with setting of Graphics and Intelligence based Script Technology, National Centre for Software Technology, Health Informatics, and so on. C-DAC also offers digital product development. With an aim of strengthening India through computer literacy, C-DAC began offering various finishing courses for IT students.  Currently, C-DAC offers numerous courses for students that essentially bridge the gap between school and profession.  Apart from enhancing the IT skill set of students, C-DAC also provides training programmes in IT to government employees, industry and also international students. The training provided at C-DAC is rigorous and practical oriented.
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C-DAC Courses in Pune – a Win-Win Situation
C-DAC is based out of Pune. It is in Pune that C-DAC developed the country’s flagship PARAM super computer way back in the 90’s. The C-DAC centre at Pune is therefore the oldest in the country. Only after it established itself as a premier institute in Pune that C-DAC established branches in other cities in India.
Here are other advantages of undertaking C-DAC courses in Pune:
  • Pune has a huge pool of talented IT teacher
  • Since the student population of Pune is the largest in the country, there is a good demand for C-DAC courses within the city. C-DAC therefore ensures that students in Pune are imparted with quality IT education
  • Pune is an IT hub. Consequently, the IT infrastructure in the city is at par with the best in country
  • Pune is also an industrial hub. One of the sectors that it leads in India is the automotive sector, which requires a large number of IT graduates. The job opportunities that Pune offers to C-DAC graduates is therefore considerable
  • Pune is well connected to Mumbai, the financial capital of India and also smaller cities like Kolhapur, Satara, etc. Students from these cities can easily come and stay in Pune for C-DAC courses
  • C-DAC students in Pune get more exposure to practical, hands-on training due to the large number of industries in the vicinity. Students are therefore job ready when they complete their C-DAC course. Moreover, these industries acknowledge C-DAC as a premier institute and students who graduate from it get priority and higher remuneration
  • Pune provides ample accommodation and dining facility for out of city students. Whatever your budget, Pune is sure to offer you what you need
While C-DAC standard is always high anywhere they open a branch, the above factors give students in Pune a competitive edge for learning C-DAC courses.