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Advantages of PG DAC

Information Technology has the potential to play an important role in the growth of a nation, especially a developing one like India. Technology encompasses a huge body of knowledge and tools that ease the use of economic resources as a way to produce goods and services efficiently and innovatively. Advances in computing technologies are essential for economic growth and development. The more advanced the computing technology available; the more quickly a nation progresses. India has taken giant strides in software export sector thanks to various IT enabled services, attempts to make IT and its benefits available to India’s rural masses, e-commerce for the country’s growing middle class, the use and impacts of IT in India’s manufacturing sector, and various forms of e-governance including internal systems as well as citizen interfaces.

CDAC, Pune is a pioneering institute in India for computing technologies. It is famous for development of PARAM, the country's first super computer. CDAC was established to tap the potential of India’s software talent and to expedite its economic development. CDAC conducts many courses for students and professionals who want to make a career in IT and ICT. C-DAC is renowned the world over for the quality of its research and faculty. Those who complete a course in C-DAC have bright career prospects. CDAC graduates are the preferred choice of many IT companies. C-DAC has opened authorized centres not only in Pune (and its locality like Kothrud, Hadapsar, etc.), but also in other cities of India and even in other countries to offer Diploma courses, Post Graduate Diploma courses, Certificate courses, etc. In addition, CDAC also provides services in the field of multilingual computing, VLSI & embedded systems, cyber security, cyber forensics, etc.

Why PG DAC from C DAC?
Today, interdisciplinary environment of research and development is truly required to deal with the complexity related to systems such as manufacturing, biology and medicine, humanities, management sciences and social sciences. Advances in computing technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), mobile cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), etc. has opened new dimensions for scientific discovery. Applications of computing technologies will play a leading role in the development of mankind. PG DAC is the crown jewel program of C DAC. It is aimed at providing latest technologies in computing. This six month course covers topics like Operating Systems Concepts, C++ Programming, Java, .Net technology (Microsoft), parallel computing, Algorithm & Data Structures, Database Technologies, application security & testing, etc. In addition, PG DAC also asks students to implement a project, giving them hands on experience using the latest technologies.

CDAC has been running the PG DAC course for about two decades now, offering the IT and ICT industry an infusion of much needed fresh talent. Indeed, the success of C DAC students in the industry is a testimonial to the sagacity of the PG DAC program.

Here are a few advantages of PG DAC from CDAC:
  • The course is conducted by skilled and experienced faculty
  • Most of the faculty has exposure to the industry and understand the requirements
  • CDAC and its authorized training centres have an excellent infrastructure.
  • PG DAC entails extensive practical, hands on training
  • Personalized attention to the progress of the student
  • Once you complete the course, CDAC and its authorized centres render all possible assistance for placement
  • CDAC PG DAC attracts top companies from the IT sector. Both national and multinational companies prefer a CDAC graduate
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