Authorized C-DAC and C-CAT for PG DAC training centre in Pune

Schedule of Courses Offered

The schedule for Feb 2019 DAC Batch is as follows:

S.No. Start Date End Date Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Module Name Module Name Module Name
1 19-Feb-19 23-Feb-19 C Revision DBT
2 25-Feb-19 02-Mar-19 OOPs with C++ DBT
3 04-Mar-19 09-Mar-19 OOPs with C++ DBT
4 11-Mar-19 16-Mar-19 AWP OOPs with C++ ADS
5 18-Mar-19 23-Mar-19 ADS AWP
6 25-Mar-19 30-Mar-19 ADS AWP MeanStack
7 01-Apr-19 06-Apr-19 MeanStack ADS OSC
8 08-Apr-19 13-Apr-19 MeanStack OSC
9 15-Apr-19 20-Apr-19 OSC Aptitude Effective Communication
10 22-Apr-19 27-Apr-19 OSC Aptitude Effective Communication
11 29-Apr-19 04-May-19 Java Tech I Aptitude Effective Communication
12 06-May-19 11-May-19 Java Tech I Aptitude Effective Communication
13 13-May-19 18-May-19 Java Tech II Aptitude Effective Communication
14 20-May-19 25-May-19 Java Tech II Effective Communication
15 27-May-19 01-Jun-19 Java Tech II Advanced S/w Development Methodologies
16 03-Jun-19 08-Jun-19 .NET Framework Advanced S/w Development Methodologies
17 10-Jun-19 15-Jun-19 .NET Framework
18 17-Jun-19 22-Jun-19 .NET Framework
19 24-Jun-19 29-Jun-19 .NET Framework
20 01-Jul-18 06-Jul-19 Exam PL
21 08-Jul-19 13-Jul-19 CCEE
22 15-Jul-19 20-Jul-19 Project Coding + CCPP Preparation
23 22-Jul-19 27-Jul-19 Project Coding + CCPP Preparation
24 29-Jul-19 31-Jul-19 Project Coding + CCPP Preparation + Project Evaluation